enjoy temazcal steam

Temazcal Steam Bath in Riviera Maya The word "Temazcal" is derived from the ancient Aztec dialect (Nahuatl) meaning “House of Steam” (Temaz - Steam and Calli - House). The Steam Lodge was widely used among the Aztecs and Mayan that populated Mesoamerica as a therapeutic and medicinal practice. The rituals have been preserved throughout centuries and now in modern times are used as a purification, relaxation and cleansing therapy for the nervous system, promoting rejuvenation of skin cells. The elimination of fat and stimulation of the blood vessels during the steam bath also provide beneficial effects to the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems. Live the experience of an ancient Mesoamerican tradition, absorbs much energy as you experience the walk of silence and discover the internal conversations of your being.

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