Novara Cozumel Luxury Condos

Located on the Island of Cozumel, just two blocks away from the
sea and 5 blocks from the city center, near the airport and very
close to the hotel zone. Walking distance from exquisite local
restaurants and in a very quiet and peaceful residential area.

real estate cozumel

The building is located in the center of the property, parallel to the street, taking advantage of the ocean view and leaving 30% of the property for green areas, all of
which are concentrated to allow for privacy in the pool and social areas. A restaurant,
shops, and the condominium lobby are all located in the front of the building.

The condos begin on the second level and continue for 5 levels with a common rooftop on level 6. Two-bedroom units are located in the center of the building, and three bedroom units to the ends.
Above, there are 3 penthouses with private rooftops.

Apartment number 302 $270,000 USD
Apartments Number 202, 203 , 402 $270,000 USD
Apartments number, 204, 304, 404 $340,000 USD
Apartments number , 201,401,504 $350,000 USD
Penthouse (PH3) $650,000 USD

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