This seaside wonder is the latest masterpiece of award-winning designer John Giovanni Cacciutti and a ten year highly creative collaboration process of world class resort architects and theme park engineers – including some who have shaped Walt Disney World! Like the name suggests, it offers an exclusive, once in lifetime vacation experience in total privacy. Privileged guests are lavished in luxury and service by our full-time staff and enjoy stunning ocean views from nearly every room, including places unimaginable until now like showers, sinks and even while sitting on the loo!

The gated complex is dripping with imagination and hi-tech equipment inside and out, delivering an overall group family vacation experience that is out of this world. The ocean-view great room not only features an expansive theater screen that magically lowers over the living room windows, our ever popular gather-around Hibachi griddle dining experience and hilarious Shadow Theater to dance and sing-in but Private Paradise also showcases a 250 feet long water-slide – with Rock & Roll sound and light-show – that travels THROUGH THE HOUSE!

“We have visited many houses all over the world and this is one of the most incredible villas we have ever seen”

Riders board the Penthouse Plummet body slide on the roof of the Sunrise tower building at the Top-Of-The-World Sports Lounge and drop more than 40 feet! Several twists and turns later they fly through the game room, the staff kitchen and finally over everyones head at the Flying-Mayan swim-up bar in a lighted see-through tube.


A full-time staff of bilingual butlers, maids, bartenders and private chefs are at your command but you will delight in never having to ask. Our totally new vacation package concept is designed to give affluent travelers what they want before they even know that they want it – and not only at Private Paradise but all around this amazing island. Not just a villa but an ENTIRE ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX!

Why will you and your entire group have more fun and make more long memories here AND EVEN GET ALONG BETTER than staying anywhere else? Because Private Paradise represents 10 years of brainstorming with customers on how groups of couples, children and families would love to live, laugh and have fun together. Then the developer threw expense caution to the wind, hired theme park designers, and installed the best commercial-cooking, computer and entertainment systems in places where adults congregate. Equal thought went into creating dream spaces where parents, couples and children gather, laugh, and make memories together.

The great room is an open floor plan comprised of the expansive living room with 18’ long couch, kitchen and dining room with seating for 20 and a floor to ceiling glass wall on the ocean view side. The room is equipped with 7 channel DTS surround sound, a large High Definition Smart Home TV built into the kitchen cabinets and a 16’ theater screen that magically drops down over the ocean-front window wall at night and thats when the inside family fun really begins!

Imagine 20 family members of all ages in this gathering place while everyone has the perfect vantage point to watch their favorite football team or watch a enjoy a home video that they shot that day. After dinner guests play Utube music videos larger than life on big screen and kitchen HD television while guests delight their friends acting out the vocal performances and dance moves in the hilarious shadow

Food and Beverage Plan

Our local catering partner charges a onetime fee of $750 per person per week ($108 per person per day for prorated stays plus tax and the typical 15-20% gratuity is recommended) which includes all beverages at the villa, bar staff and restocking charge for John Giovannis private bars, made to order hot breakfast served daily, appetizers served daily, private chef prepared dinners every other night. Children under 4 are free, ages 5-12 = $30 per day, ages 12-18 = $60 per day

Guests only pay extra for lunch items ordered off the caterer’s pool side menu attached or the menu at Paradise Beach Club. On the three alternate nights, Private Paradise maintains hard-to-come-by, standing reservations at the finest restaurants on the island so our privileged guests can experience those and being out on the town every other evening.

Our long time, standing reservations with outside chefs and restaurants are difficult to change for our large villa groups unless they are made more than a month in advance but our local catering partner will make every effort to accommodate advance requests. Chef and restaurant reservations changed or cancelled within 5 days may be subject to a $10 per person cancellation fee.

We typically do not take rentals less than 7 nights, however in exceptional circumstances, if your group has reserved less than 7 nights then the food and beverage fee will be pro-rated at $110 per day.

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